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Quality Differences of Instrumentation Cable
Which brand of instrumentation cable is best


First post but I'm a a new plant electrician for a water treatment plant with a background in mechanical engineering. We are working on a project installing some new turbidity meters that are connected to a PLC via 4-20 signal. I'll need to pull some new wire for them which sent me down a rabbit hole of if there was a quality difference between brands of instrumentation cable. Wire will be shielded twisted pairs. If i run two pair wire, it will be individually shielded. So is there a difference between say belden, southwire, etc or is whatever the local supply house can get going to be as good as anything else?

It is not so much supplier differences.

You need not only twisted shielded pairs (not individual shielded wires) to keep noise under control, you'll need water proof wiring.

In extreme cases you have to run sealed conduit with gas (air or nitrogen) to prevent moisture buildups...

When you install it, make sure you can access it for later repulling new wire...