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Coriolis Flow Meter Density Deviation
Coriolis Flow meter Density Deviation 44% and more

Good Day Gentlemen,

We have a custody transfer gas metering skid with Coriolis flow meter type 1" size to measure the dry gas. we don't have a a chromatography to analyze the compositions, so we took manual sample and analyze it at laboratory. then we key in these values to flow computer (floboss s6++) as keypad which then calculate the line density. we compare this density with actual density measured by Coriolis (Coriolis density). the deviation between the two supposed to be 5%. now the problem we getting an error of 44% which is huge. can please advise what could be the issue here? and what are the steps we need to flow to solve this problem?

Best Regards,
Metering Engineer

You need a traceable gas analysis, in which they give you the actual composition.

Make sure you purge the sample bottle before shutting the valves closed.

A 44% deviation in density, sounds like you have a bad sample.

We did three times analysis and we got the same results, which means the problem now with Coriolis maybe or with the transmitter micro motion 1700 series? please advise?

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Since the density measurement is based on the natural frequency of the sensing tube, if the transmitter is functional and calibrated, the most likely cause is mass build up in the tube.

This can be condensate build up, etc.