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Different Loop Tuning Methods vs Trial and Error
Question is about whether to use lambda tuning or ziegler-nichols method versus trial and error loop tuning.

Hi all,

I have noticed that in my oil production plant the system engineers use trial and error method for loop tuning instead of ziegler-nichols or lambda tuning method. I checked some of the loops and they seem to be tuned properly. So my question is is it practical to enforce lambda tuning method for all future loop tuning or should we not attempt to fix something that isn't broken? What issues do you see arising from either scenario and what would you prefer?

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ziegler-nichols or lambda tuning methods work in theory, but in actual plants useful only as a starting point.

Regardless of the method used, it is all driven by your process, and matters the theory does not take into account.

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Tuning doesn't work that way homie. Those are just starting points as the other poster mentioned. Minor differences in the installations and equipment will throw off the best pre-calculated values, and you always have to tweak it. It can cut some time off by getting you in the neighborhood.