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Liquid Fuel Burner FF Ratio
what is the Burner FF Ratio?

Dear Control System Experts,

We are operating liquid fuel fired OSTG (Once Through Steam Generator) for steam flood application at Heavy Oil Field. now I'm learning the control philosophy of combustion control and found those combustion process parameters:

(* liquid fuel fluid configuration *)
G_Air:= 15.0; (* blower rpm to liquid fuel bpd FF ratio *)
G_Water:= 14.0; (* water rate bpd to liquid fuel bpd FF ratio *)

My question : what is the FF Ratio all about? I know Air to Fuel Ratio (A/F Ratio), but looks like FF Ratio is not the same as AF Ratio


Sounds like oil reservoir recovery is involved with steam injection,

FF may relate to "fire recovery" that can also be used. so it can be an equivalence to fire recovery, or if both are being used then to a just the steam production to match the oil recovery rate.