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A New Modbus-TCP Server Simulator
New Modbus-TCP Server Simulator freeware is ready for download.
By Talat Dogan on 15 March, 2019 - 9:47 am

I would like to inform Modbus Community that a new Modbus-TCP Server Simulator is ready for download.

MSS is a brand-new freeware simulator which supports Class-1 Functions and 64K Addressing. It has well designed tools and functions to make it easy for users to prepare simulation data even for large scale simulations.

Please visit for more detail.

Link broken on your page.
Is there another method to get that file?
The Portable version works but the other one results in a 404 error.

>Please visit for more detail.

By Talat Dogan on 17 March, 2019 - 1:05 am

Thanks for feedback. The link's been corrected.

I haven't installed it yet to try it, but I've looked at the screen shots on the web page.

I like the nice wide Remarks column for tags or whatever.

A couple suggestions

1. I had to study the 'Register Data" table (2nd screen shot) to figure out whether it handles floating point. It would help if you added the two letters FP for Floating Point after the designation SINGLE or DOUBLE. ( I dislike the term "real" for Floating Point, because integers are real numbers, too, but that's just me).

2. I notice on the screen shot that the decimal value in the address column (on the left) is the same as the hex value and that the Holding and Input Registers display only hex values.

That doesn't cover the typical one vs zero-based register addressing issue that I call the one-offset issue.

Wouldn't it be helpful for general Modbus users to add a decimal address column with addresses that start at one alongside the hex addresses that start at zero? Decimal addresses with the leading numeral for the memory area that is so widely used it would be clear to users which is which.

For instance,
add (4)00001 in a newly added Holding Register column next to Hex 0000
or add (3)00001 in a newly added Input Register column next to Hex 0000

There's sufficient screen space to narrow the column width for both Holding and input registers decimal values to include an additional column for one-based (N)xxxxx decimal addresses.

Thank you very much for your comment and suggestions. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

I think your 2nd suggestion targets to prevent users from any confusion about the base of register addressing if I understand you correctly. If so, it seems to me that to add a "Register Number" column next to "Address" column is the most straightforward approach to prevent users from such a confusion. What do you think about it?

By the way, I got a Bug Report in this morning saying that the "Base Register" info on the toolbar is not updated accordingly when it is edited through "Simulate>Settings" menu. I think, ver.1.0.1 has to be so early. :))