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Bailey INFI90 DCS
BAILEY INFI90 DCS obsolescence

hi friends,

I would like to ask a question here in this forum. Does bailey infi90 is obsolete? I mean, ABB do not support this system no more? The cards are still manufactured, should we think about replacement? if yes, what is the new system replacing it?

thank you in advance for your feedback.

By Raymundo D. Balderas on 16 April, 2019 - 11:22 pm

Hi out there:

Infi90 in a very powerful DCS, althought it is in its classic phase it is not at all obsolete. In fact ABB in a efford to support all its valuable infi90 Base, it is has delivered the new Simphony Plus Controllers, some years ago.

What I can tell is that Infi90 is sill supported by ABB.

Please if you need more information let me know your mail, and I'll contact you off line.