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Why Need Submersible Marine Liquid Level Sensor?
Is it necessary to use a submersible marine liquid level sensor for measuring seawater level?

I just bought the submersible marine liquid level sensor for measuring seawater level. But my friends told me that I can use float level sensor or IoT level transducer instead of marine approved liquid level sensor. In my opinion, it's designed for measuring corrosive liquid levels, other sensor are versatile, and their product industry and material did not meet my requirements.

So, I just wanted know what's you guys opinion?

thanks all.

By Walt Boyes Netcom on 24 April, 2019 - 11:25 am

Saltwater and the marine environment are extremely corrosive. I would not ever use a sensor rated for standard service in a marine environment. Take strips of stainless steel and aluminum and hang them off a pier into salt water and you will see what I mean.

Walt Boyes