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Electrical Energy Measurement
Calculation requested for Multiplying factor for Electrical Energy Meter where there is difference in meter volt and PT volt.

I have a 3 phase meter and want to know the interpretation of this meter also a correct multiplying factor. Name plate data of the meter is mentioned below:

3x100V 3x1.5(6A) 50HZ 1600imp/KWh

Is 3x1.5(6A) means CT secondary should be 1 A and secondary current should not more than 6A?

What would be a correct multiplying factor for this meter if I use 3 CTs of 600/5A and 3 Pts of 11000/110V? Please note that meter name plate is showing 3x100V, but I am intend to use it with 3x11000/110V.

Someone asked me that multiplying factor will be {11000/110x600/5}, but some asking that multiplying factor will be (11000/110x600/5x1.1}. The 1.1 is using for correction factor of meter 100 volt and PT 110V (110/100=1.1.

I will appreciate for guidance to get a correct multiplying factor.