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MODBUS RTU Message conversion to ASCII

I wonder there is any software that can convert MODBUS RTU messages to ASCII. The vendor of measurement equipment has informed in order to get the device information the following command shall be exected.

FC43 Sub 14, Read Device Identification

The answer as expected is in binary.

Is there anyway to convert this binary output to ASCII? and if yes, how to interpret the message?

Many thanks.

It depends on PLC that you use. i.e. Mitsubishi FX series there are FNC200 STR Instructions to convert binary data to ASCII string.

Thanks. I have a VEGAPULS 61 radar sensor. I thought maybe there is a generic tool for RTU to ASCII conversion.

For custom modbus function codes and RTU/ASCII functions there is a nice (commercial) library available that is very flexible to such thinks.

Google for or SuperCom Modbus Library.