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Can an Oil Truck Tank Level Sensor Measure Acid Level
Oil truck tank level sensor can measure acid level?

Using oil truck tank level sensor can measure acid level? As far as I know, oil truck tank level sensor is made of 316L stainless steel, so it is widely used in oil and food grade level measurement. I just wanted know that 316L stainless steel sensor can measure high strength acid aggressive medium? if it can't, which material of sensor can measure acid level?

Hope you guys early reply, thanks!

As you state 316L stainless steel is widely used as base metal for level sensors, including the Petro-Chemical sector. However, there are so many different acids with widely differing characteristics.

Your best bet is to contact the manufacture and advise the acid you have in mind for a succinct answer.

By W.L. Mostia on 4 July, 2019 - 6:33 pm

How about telling us what acid are you trying to measure. It pH?

William (Bill) L. Mostia, Jr. PE
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Winner of the 2018 ISA Raymond D. Molloy Award
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