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Greg Shinskey Software?
Trying to locate Greg Shinskey simulation software.

Hi all,

I recently dug out my beloved copy of Greg Shinskey's "Process Control Systems" (4th Edition, 1996) as I have some tricky applications coming up needing complex mass and heat balance controls - and I need a refresher!

The Preface to the Fourth Edition mentions associated process simulation software known as "Problem Solving Software", published by The Foxboro Company. Now, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then, including Foxboro being swallowed-up by Schneider, and I can find no sign of this old software.

Do any people have a copy of this software and/or know where I might find a copy please? Even if it's not been updated for quite a while, I have Win 98 and Win XP VM's that may be able to run old software.

All suggestions appreciated.

good luck,

If there are copies, they'll be on floppy drives, if you can even read them, as they don't age gracefully.