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Troubleshooting of Daniel Flow Transmitter 3414/3410
How to fix an error message on LCD Daniel flow transmitter 3410 and how to fix the 3.54 mA signal on the DCS
By Amar DAMENE on 9 October, 2019 - 12:41 pm

Our Daniel flow transmitter 3410 is FAULTY on supervision DCS and error message on LCD Transmitter.

When we de-energized it (24 VDC) and energized again the 4-20 mA Signal appears 4.0 mA, but after a few minutes it decrease to 3.54 mA. Then FAULTY message appears on DCS and error on LCD.

How to communicate with the transmitter and how to fix this error?


The troubleshooting manual is at this link:, but has no mention of 4-20mA.

Most 4-20mA devices have a fault mode at some level below 4.0mA or above 21.0mA, but there's no mention of such. All the troubleshooting in the manual revolves around a software interface.

A quick read-through might be worth it before calling Emerson about service.