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Tesselator Graphic System
Replacement alternatives.


We are looking for replacement to our ABB operator stations that are falling apart after many years. Is there on the market any software developed for PC/Windows or Unix that can emulate Tesselator Systems?

By Kenneth Löfgren on 22 October, 2004 - 6:00 pm

The TessEm software products emulates the ABB (originally ASEA) TESSELATOR family of color graphic systems. It runs on a standard PC under the Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2000 operating systems.

For more information see the web site:

By Keith Houghton on 3 November, 2004 - 9:23 pm

I have own all the sources to a tesselator emulator that works on a PC and under a unix (X-windows) environment. Both emulators are working in the field. The unix system was tested and runs on the sparc workstation but could work on other unix systems with little effort. The systems are runtime only i.e do not include a disply builder or symbol editor. If you are looking for tesselator spares I may know where to get hold of some of these or can get your old boards repaired

E-mail keith@e-nunciate.con

By Fred Miller on 26 May, 2005 - 11:52 pm

Our group has been looking at a replacement using a PC for replacing the tesselator. Unlike most of the emulators that use the origional hardware or buggy software to drive the tesselator the system we are looking at uses a server app to send and receive the data that is displayed on the screen. It can update at up to 10 times a second. The server app runs on a VAX although any system could be a server.

By Mr. Smidht on 2 June, 2005 - 5:00 pm

Interesting! Can you give a little more details about the system structure? What H/W and S/W are you using, and price for one system.

We are your Advant / Tesselator solution.

Now users of aging tesselator display systems can remove their old equipment and replace it with a fully compatible tesselator simulator package running under windows xp on a pc.

Full compatibility. Remove your connection from your masterpiece and plug it into the pc.

Full graphic libraries included. Plug and play. View your tesselator graphics in hi definition on flat screen displays.

Keep your old keyboards and mice. No reengineering of any kind. Strictly plug and play.

Write for full details. Downloaded simulation package available no charge.

Also full line of HP workstation upgrades to replace your aging B132, B180, 715 and other old machines. Towers and desktops available. Now available the fastest advant workstation every to appear - - -532 meghertz speed. Graphics lighting fast.

Full tested parts for masterpiece and masterview. We are a full service advant shop.

Spare hard drives, fully loaded and tested.

Your dat tapes duplicated for backups.

Hard drives cloned with all configuration and network settings for disaster recovery.

How is this? Can I use with Masterview 850 working with Masterpiece 200/260 in a MB200?



By Anonymous on 25 March, 2007 - 5:03 pm

Write to and talk with Kenneth.

By Peter Doesberg on 10 June, 2006 - 10:04 pm


We're a company that emulate tesselators, PDPs and VAX. We only emulate the hardware so there are no software changes.

You can look on our website that is
or foon us:
+31 174 297 388

We have a 100% tesselator emulator system that has been engineered by the original hardware engineers of the Tesselator system. Full functionality supported.

System runs under windows xp on pc's. Can use pc keyboards and mice as well as original equipment.

Now disconnect your field link from the old tesselator and directly plug into the pc. Full graphic support, minimum engineering and downtime. Full support.

write off forum to email above for full detilas