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Wonderware tutor
Versions 7.11 / 8.0 or 9x

I am currently trying to learn Intouch/Wonderware for my company. They will not send me to school. They said I have the tools back here in the shop with licenced version of Intouch, that I don't need to go to school, and that I can learn everything I need from my co-worker who is in and out of the office... mostly out. So I am forced to hunt the Web for information. I am not doing too bad on my own but there are places I'm getting stuck. Can someone help me? I need a tutor or someplace I can go to learn this thing. I am new to programming, so a Wonderware for Dummies would be perfect.


Mike -- what part of the country/world do you live?

Hey Mike...

I can appreciate the position you are in, in fact this is how I learned Wonderware software.

I can help you. I'm not sure the legality of posting contact info in this forum, but I will monitor and answer any questions you have.

By Alfredo Daniel on 10 July, 2007 - 7:53 pm

I am in the same position that Mike, if you could send me some referals to adaniel @ maconwater. org

Alfredo Daniel

I got a window that reads percent of well level I want to read level in inch, how can I do this?

> I can appreciate the position you are in, in fact this is how I learned Wonderware software.

> I can help you. I'm not sure the legality of posting contact info in this forum, but I will monitor and answer any questions you have.

Do you have another way of contact?

Well it has been 4 years now, and company has still yet to send me to training. I been working on other projects, but now back into wonderware, with NO education or training. basically learn it or we don't need you.

By Paul Edwards on 20 May, 2011 - 3:37 am


Good to see you are working for a good employer who values their employees and is willing to develop their skills --- not!

Your best bet is to start by looking at an existing application (a small one if possible).

Start by looking at the Tag database and learn how that all hangs together. Learn the major tag types and how they are used and how they connect to a PLC. Then go on to look at alarming and security. At the end of this look at how these tags are animated on the screen. Finally look at scripting.

Another way may be by getting in your local supplier and asking him/her to give a few hours tutorial.

Have your colleagues ever been on the training course at least you could work through the training manual if it was available.

Intouch itself is not too hard to learn the main thing is knowing the basic principles of how all SCADA systems are put together as they all follow roughly the same structure.


Hey Paul,
I can tell you this, developing skills here is on your own, and most is learn as you go.

We do have one guy who kinda knows Wonderware, Though i don't think he has actually been to school, he is the only tool we have. And he has already refused to show me how to do a site from scratch. So that tells me a lot right there.

I am a hardware person, i suck at actually programming, most of it has been copy/paste of other working programs. Though my hardware skills really help in trouble shooting. Copy and paste isn't a true nitty gritty programming.

I think i should at least attend Archestra 3.x and Intouch part I and part II. just so i have some kind of structured knowledge of how things work/flow. without that, its nothing more than one person's idea of how they think it should be and cross your fingers how you learn it idealogy.


By Paul Edwards on 23 May, 2011 - 3:27 pm


Unless you are using System Platform or Application server you do not need Archestra training only InTouch.

It sounds like your colleague is protecting his position. It sounds like a great company you work for I would consider finding other employment (I know that is not always easy).

Try this link I found from Google:-

I have no association with this at all and do not know if the link on it works due to my very slow internet connection tonight.


I can be reached at.
mperu99 [at] yahoo [dot] com

By Wonderware InTouch Users on 12 September, 2017 - 5:30 am

Hello Mike,

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