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working of coil servos of GE MARK VI System
By Mohsin Raza on 14 March, 2009 - 2:30 am

Hello, i am very fresh and studying GE MARK VI Control System for Gas turbines. Can anybody give some helping material to understand the working of 3-coil servo valves in this system? Also kindly tell me something about SIFT?

Mohsin, do yourself a favor and use the power of the internet, and also the power of the search engine on this site. Moog, one manufacturer of servo's, has some great information on servo operation available on their website. Searching moog or servo on this site will give some great reasults as well. If you look in the "applications" topic of this site right now there is a great discussion going on describing servo valve operation, and the exciting topic of "null bias current" !!!!

SIFT stands for Software Implemented Fault Tolerance. Search for SIFT on this site and you will find some great articles, also google the full "Software Implemented Fault Tolerance" and you will find some more great articles on this concept. Best of luck!!!