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Turbine Pumps
Keeping a turbine pump in warm stand-by

I work in a utilities department at a power plant, my first in the industry but operated in the Navy...but never worked with turbine pumps and had a question.

We have 4 Boiler Feedwater pumps and one of them is turbine driven. when we have it in warm stand-by and we have the exhaust open (150#), and we keep the north/south casing drains and steam chest drains cracked open so we do not build up any condensate when starting. Some of these drains can be hard to get to, also when we are bringing it up to speed we are using 600# steam (777 degrees) and we have a main block and 3 bypass valves used to slow roll it so the turbine has a less chance of getting damaged from water hammer. When we use the bypass it rotates the shaft, but nowhere near as when the main is open.

so my emergency situations to save time, would it damage the turbine/pump short or long term to keep a pump slow rolling and not have to mess with the casing drains or steam chest drains because it will be constantly warmed up to temp?