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RTU Slave Interface Displaying 4 Decimals Instead of 8
8_decimal Point Kwh data On MFM Display, Displays as only 4_Decimals On SCADA User Interface Screen
By sultanalam2 on 5 January, 2017 - 6:52 am

I am Facing Problem Getting Kwh Readings From My Satec MFM (PM130-PLUS), Required for an easy & reliable Monitoring On Energy Consumption.

Connected via RTU Slave Interface with SCADA User Interface (GE_Cimplicity).

Here's what happening:

Actual Kwh Reading has 8_decimal Point/digits on MFM Display but on SCADA User Interface Screen It only Displays 4_Decimals/digits,

eg, 15270156 kwh shows as 156

and 63290058 kwh shows as 58

and 15299999 kwh shows as 9999

and 15300001 kwh shows as 1 only!

Is It something to do With the Holding Registers or Extended Registers Functions??

Please Do a Reply, your slight approach to my Query Will be highly Appreciated :)

Kindly screen shot your exact complain and forward to to enable me help properly.


By Bob Peterson on 5 January, 2017 - 2:02 pm

have you perhaps configured that display as only being 4 characters wide?


> "Is It something to do With the Holding Registers or Extended Registers Functions??"

Not necessary,
If this problem has always existed. It has to do with the register size format in the read function of SCADA configurations.
Eng Ahmed Osman
Automation engineer