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Modbus to labview
Connecting a RS485 communicating device to LabVIEW software

I want to monitor the Temperature of a Delta temperature controller RS485 through labview using Modbus. I am a beginner so any kind of help will be deeply appreciated.

My mail Id is

You might want to review what National Instruments has for a Labview Modbus tutorial and an Introduction to Modbus (Google is your friend)

Connect Labview (master) to a PLC

NI Introduction to Modbus

Modbus Library for Labview

I made a labview project using ICP's temp datalogger. First of all you need to download ni's modbus library. They gave me a vi that can directly read Modbus registers. I made some changes on the block diagram to make it look nice. It is pretty easy, pm me if you need help.

By Engineer 1 on 9 April, 2017 - 6:19 pm

Hi folks,

Modbus protocol is really interesting, I am a newbie to Industrial protocols. Still learning from you guys.

Facebook: wise samlafo