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Offshore Based DFIG in MATLAB
Need help with parameters for 150 KV transmission line for a matlab model

I need following parameters for 150 KV transmission line for my matlab model;

- positive & zero sequence resistances (Ohms/km) [r1, r0]
- positive & zero sequence inductances (H/km) [L1, L0]
- positive & zero sequence capacitances (F/km) [c1, c0]

I need to know positive & zero sequence resistances (Ohms/km), positive & zero sequence inductances (H/km), positive & zero sequence capacitances (F/km) for a 150 KV transmission line. I need these parameters to enter into matlab to simulate my model. I wonder how can I know aforementioned values for a 150 KV transmission. Anybody can help me or let me know the procedure to calculate these values.