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CENTUM CS300 HIS Upgrade
Migration issues for CENTUM CS 3000 operator stations


i have been following some communication on the issues faced with the CS3000 SYSTEMS ( We are also using CS 3000 with WIN XP SP2 on the workstations. Now we are facing it very difficult to get spare hardware resources. How are you managing the issues of hardware?

Please guide me.

I have DELL T5500 workstations totaling 7 nos.6+1 EWS.
As of now I have opted for DELL Warranty services.


By abuashfaq97 on 18 June, 2017 - 7:07 am

Well being an End of support PRODUCT Windows-XP it's more vulnerable to Cyber security threats if integrated to Business LAN.

In all probability you should have a long term migration plan to Centum-VP. Otherwise even the Dell OEM Extended Service support can't solve the problems attributing to the failures of Add on modules like Graphics cards/Mother Boards, power supplies and it's compliant drivers etc.

In worst scenarios check in the open market like Hong Kong where the suppliers still give such parts on higher prices. You an check through internet sites, payment through paypal.

Good Luck.