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Does Dox10 work with SC05-35?
Does Dox10 work with SC05-35? What cable to connect between a PC and SC05-35? Where can I find a user's manual?

Hi members,

I'm a new member. I've got a Sattcon 05-35 and I have some questions. Maybe someone could help me.

1. Regarding Dox5 or Dox10, according to ABB Dox10 should not work as programming tool together with the SC05-35. Is is really true? Or is Dox5 maybe more suitable with SC05-35?
2. What type of cable do I need to connect a PC? Standard RS232 or maybe 485? (I won't purchase it through ABB, they charge about 100 USD!)
3. Does someone know where I can find a user's manual?

I've looked on the Internet but it seems like the system is so old that manuals don't exist like a .pdf file for example.

Thanks in advance.


Maybe I can help you. Please contact me at ceo at iconsystems. pk