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ControlWave micro RTU
I am working on ControlWave Micro RTU and facing problems regarding communication through RS232 port.
By Mursalan Haider on 5 February, 2008 - 12:03 am

I am working on ControlWave Micro RTU and facing problems regarding communication through RS232 port. I can download the program and configure the port via RS485 port on RTU from my PC amazingly as PC has RS232 port. But when I communicate via RS232 port on RTU it shows RTU dead and RTU needs poll messages. Same message apears when using ethernet. How can I fix this problem? Could anybody tell me? My email address is mursalan @ gmail. com.


Mursalan, the former Bristol Babcock RTU is now produced and serviced by Emerson. If you can't find a knowledgeable Emerson service organization within your local area, you probably aren't looking very hard. You need to go directly to Emerson, and get them to help you. They have the largest technical service organization of any SCADA or process automation company in the entire world... because they are the biggest, after all.

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By americanh20 on 13 June, 2008 - 8:37 pm

The whole ControlWave series PLC/RTUs are terrible. You have to set the jumpers on the communication cards depending on what controller you are communicating with. Instead of doing things the right way, Emerson got their product on the market in a hurry and cut a lot of corners
In my 20 years of engineering experience I have never seen such a poorly designed product. Try using a GE, AB, Modicon or anything other than these horrible ControlWave PLCs/RTUs. I'm trying to get away from them going forward.

Dear Mr.americanh,

I am using control wave series for more than 5 years and i am very much impressed with these products.

I haven't seen any PLC/RTU [more] powerfull than Bristol in communication and controlling.

These are very much rich in programming as it is IEC61131-3 standard. I think you don't know the programming of Bristol, this is also one of the reason that you don't know how to at least communicate with Bristol.

By AmericanH2O on 25 November, 2008 - 3:35 pm

You probably have very little or no experience using any other controller. I have yet to find a systems integrator that agrees with you. Their 3300 series RTUs are more stable and reliable, but the ControlWave needs to ge a major re-engineering. Bristol themselves did the engineering integration and failed miserably. What does that tell you? I am here to clean things up. There are still lots of unresolved issues that Emerson (Bristol) still has not made public to protect their image. You will soon find out I'm right.

I am currently looking at using Bristol ControlWave for a project. Could you be specific on what your concerns are? I need to connect remote i/o to an Emerson Ovation DCS and will be using Rosemount instruments to measure lake level, temperature and conductivities as well as start, stop pumps. Does the ControlWave "talk" wirelessly to Rosemount's wireless transmitters? Or will we need to daisy chain the 1420 wireless gateway?

Thank you,

You are making the right choice replacing it ASAP

check to see if the fcp file setup is the current com port you are plug into is set to bsap slave and that your ip port is defined. also do a cold reboot of the CWM so all changes take effect.

Hope this helps,

By John Herring on 27 September, 2011 - 1:25 pm

The RS 232 port requires CD to be high, when I typically build a local cable it has 1 and 4 jumpered and 7 and 8 (RTS/CTS). this needs to be a null modem 2 to 3 and ground 5. I typically build both ends this way so it can be swapped..

Of course the CWM needs to have an fcp file that details the rs232 ports baud and protocol. If this is unknown you can set (on the CPU) sw2 / 3 to (off) this sets the (ignore soft switches) at that point port 1 is node 1 and 9600....

The control wave micro has the capability to enable or disable the comm ports. This can also happen if you translate a load and the corresponding port was a psuedo slave. RAS knows how to get you in the right direction, give them a call.