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ML, Serial, ELEM, OUTL, LAYO number of a gas turbine
information about MkV panel

does anyone know what are these numbers with reference to a GE gas turbine Mark V panel?


Where can i find this info for our three MS5001 GE Gas turbines?

Every "system" has an ML (Model List) number, usually a three- or four-character designation. For example, the ML for the Lube Oil System Schematic Piping Diagram (P&ID, or Piping Schematic) is 0418, or 418. Every GE-design heavy duty gas turbine has an ML 0418 associated with it. The drawing number of the diagram is specific to every turbine, but the ML number of the L.O. Piping Schematic Diagram is the same for every turbine, regardless of frame size.

Older Speedtronic systems had ML numbers, and they are usually in the lower right-hand corner of the elementary on the first sheet (the title sheet) if the drawing has one. Later Speedtronic systems (Mark V, Mark VI, and Mark VIe) do not have elementary drawings, per se, and so wouldn't have an ML number.

The serial number can be obtained from the nameplate of the unit; it's usually a stainless or brass plate permanently attached to some piece of the inlet duct, near the #1 bearing area; sometimes on a Frame 5 it's on the right side of the unit, in the turbine compartment on the inlet duct (inside the first door of the turbine compartment on the forward wall, which is the inlet duct).

The Elementary Number usually refers to the drawing number of the Speedtronic control system elementary drawing.

The layout number usually refers to the layout drawing associated with the Speedtronic turbine control system, and can usually be found on the nameplate of the Speedtronic turbine control system, which is usually on the door of the system, or on the inside of the door (or one of the doors). The Elementary Number can usually be found there, also.

The Outline Number also usually refers to a drawing associated with the Speedtronic turbine control system, and can usually be found on the nameplate.