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Isolating a ground fault problem
What is the correct trouble shooting procedure to isolate a ground fault problem?
By Butch Cordell on 5 October, 2009 - 8:21 pm

We have a 4100 Simplex fire system that has a reappearing ground fault. What is the correct trouble shooting procedure to isolate this problem?

I need a starting point and procedure to trouble shoot this 4100 system that has an intermitent ground fault. Usually when it rains. All the outside sensors have been opened and no water was found.

Might be able to megger the circuits granted there are no devices that will be damaged by doing so.

If you do have a faulted condition and you are trying to locate it, you could try to open a high resistive element(like a light bulb) in series with the fuse or break to prevent it from tripping while you try to locate the point on the circuit.