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compare different versions of RSLOGIX 5000 programs
Compare different versions of RSLOGIX .acd file

Hi friends,

i have one file in RSLOGIX 5000 version 10 and one file in RSLOGIX 5000 version 16.

i want to compare these. what software tool for rslogix 5000 fullfill, compare in sense of constant ladder function block tags difference.

plz send me a link i appreciate.

and more over can i search the AFI instruction inside the file? i use search option in rslogix version 16 but instruction not search able how can i do?

thanking u i will remain

By James Ingraham on 5 February, 2010 - 12:35 pm

There is a compare tool on the install disk. However, it won't compare across versions. Having said that, if you export both to L5K files, you can use a standard text tool like diff to find things. Same for finding those AFIs; just save as L5K, open in Notepad (or Word or whatever) and do a standard search for the text AFI.

-James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.