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Simulation Control Environment
Simulation Control Environment Problem

I installed Experion server node from Experion PKS DVD initialization. But when I want to load controller to monitoring environment, the controller could not establish a connection (Errror code:7007).

Right now, I have this question that is there any solution for solving this issue? Really I surf in internet about it, someone said that it's tricky. Please help me. I do not know why this package did not install during installation procedure.

Do you have a physical controller installed and configured? If not, you can only save to project. The simulation environment requires a separate PC for installation and running of the simulation environment.

If you are a Honeywell customer, you should signup for their website to get all their support and manuals on-line.

Unified simulation environment is different from what I need to simulate the controller. I mean, there is a "Honeywell Simulation Control Environment" package within the Experion PKS DVD. I found out that this package should be installed in order to simulate the SIM_C300 controller in the Honeywell Experion PKS software. Do you have any idea about how to install this package?


Although it is a little bit late, maybe helps.

1. Just after launching the setup for SCE (sim.control envr.), do not click next. Go to win->run->regedit instead, where you have to navigate thru:

2. Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Honeywell\TPS50\InstallInfo.

3. Create a key named: AccountValues. And then create a String Value MngrPassword.

4. Enter as a value mngr account.

5. Then browse thru: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Honeywell\TPS50\GenericComm Layer\HostConfig

6. Find the string PsCdaCeeNtComm and PsCdaCeeNPeer, and edit both as '.'

7. After that you can click next to continue the installation of SCE.