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440 V/60 Hz Motor on 380 V/60 Hz
Using a 440 V/60 Hz motor on 380 V/60 Hz?

Can anyone tell me. can i use 440 V/60 HZ motor on 380 V/60 Hz? and I specifically want to know if it could safely work with 380 V?

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For a motor to work correctly, you must maintain the ratio of Volts and Hertz that is was designed for, usually +-10%. So 440/60 = 7.33V/Hz, but 380/60 = 6.33V/Hz, more than the 10% tolerance. What will happen in this case is that the peak motor torque will be decreased by the square of the change, so the motor will only develop 75% of it's rated torque. If your motor is over sized for the load by the inverse of that, meaning your motor was 35% larger than it needed to be, it might be fine. if not, then the loss of torque means the motor cannot fully accelerate the load, the slip increases, which increases the current, which overheats the motor while at the same time, NOT accomplishing the work it was designed to do. Hopefully the Overload Relay trips out top prevent it from starting a fire.

Other than that, no problem...