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Experion Popup/Faceplate Problem
Problem creating a faceplated to use with indirect tags

Hi all,

I have to develop a Scada in Experion and it will have many valves and pumps, besides other components.

So I want to create one single faceplate or popup, and depending which valve or pump I want to open/close (and show other information like faulted, manualized), as I click the valve, and the popup shows, I want it to automatically be linked to that valve/pump clicked.

In other softwares I used, its called indirect tags, but here I can't find the way to do this. and I'm sure there is one.

Summarizing, I want to have one single popup, and depending the valve I click to open, it will be linked to the points of that valve.

If anyone has one display that could send me to see as an example, or anything is appreciated!!