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Mark VI RST Redundancy
R, S, and T redundancy in Mark VI

Hi Gents

Any body know why they called the Mark VIe redundancy as R, S and T ?
Based on what? is any thing specific for this symbols?

Thanks :)

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The three processors could have been called anything: 1, 2, 3; A, B, C; X, Y, Z; P1, P2, P3. I think the designers tried to find a logical order of letters/symbols,characters that was simple and somewhat unique yet logical and non-confusing. They did use the 'carets' (< & >) to enclose the letters to make them distinctive, and primarily to designate them as hardware (as opposed to software).

I've never heard of any special reasoning/logic for the choice of "names", nor any special meaning for the characters.

Good question; boring answer. ;)

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I Guess <R>, <S> and <T> are acronyms for Redundant, Second redundant AND Third redundant