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Gas Turbine: Turbocharger vs Power Upgrading
Water injection has been several times discussed on but what about Dry Air Injection?? Advantage and inconvenient?

Dear All,

Double shafts machines (GE MS5002C) are run in gas compression. During hot summer (GT goes under temperature control), more power is required to flow the same gas quantity. Two options are available:

1- 16% power Upgrade from GE MS5002C to GE MS5002D (complete HP module replacement)

2- Turbocharger: Using a Diesel or gas engine driving centrifugal compressor, hot Dry air is injected into the Compressor Discharge Casing (wrapper) which allow 15 to 30% power increase?!!

My concern is about the second option.. Turbocharger is already used in power generation and power results seem very interesting but this option is not yet used on small double shaft GT, simple cycle with not necessary fixed output shaft speed.

What do experts think about GT Turbocharger?