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Boot loader, Firmware, Application Load in MARK VIE
Need to understand how these terms apply to Mark VIe
By Mohamed Oraby on 21 April, 2017 - 5:41 pm

When I power on the I/O pack, it does boot loader. What is the controller doing in this step, and what is the I/O pack doing?

What is the meaning of the application codes? Do they refer to the control algorithms performed in I/O pack?

[Moderator's note: The above is my clarification of the poster's message, based on an email exchange. Here is his original text: "Can you demonstrate these abbreviation (boot loader ,firmware ,base load and application load in MARK VIE? when I Change I/O pack some times need to download these software."]

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Look at the Mark VIe documentation, in GEH-6700 in the section "Download to Controller".

The boot loader is the part of the controller or I/O pack software that boots up the base operating system. It is part of the Base Load, which is the core OS (QNX) and just enough custom code to load the Mark VIe firmware. The Base Load is intended to change only infrequently. It doesn't "do" much of anything other than wait for a download of firmware from ToolboxST.

Firmware is either the Mark VIe controller runtime or the I/O pack runtime, including all of the processes that handle scheduling, I/O, applications, and protocols.

Application code is the customer specific control logic.

The Mark VIe controller while powering up goes through a number of states until is reaches Controlling, at which point it is driving outputs. The states are documented in GEH-6700 as well (see Status Control Attributes or the ControlState_X intrinsic). Startup Failures can occur for various reasons, such as a required I/O pack being unhealthy. (See ConrollerReasonCode_X in GEH-6700 for a list)

Thank you very much demigrog2. Actually your great answer put my hand on the way.