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TSX17-20 PLC
Telemecanique TSX17-20 PLC problem with alarm message.
By Steen Jensen on 8 August, 2017 - 6:57 am


I have a problem with the TSX17-20 PLC - the "RUN" LED indicator is ON (green)and output 7 on LED display is blinking (alarm).

When I am testing all inputs with 24 volts nothing happens at all and
I have tried another TSX17-20 with same result.

Is it a problem with the EEPROM or the CPU board ?

Thanks in advance
Steen Jensen

Not familiar with that PLC, but if I were to take a rough guess
based on your info I would say you might have a guard open on machine. Normally the green run light indicates PLC is operating and input 7 would see a input which might be tied to a timed flasher signal.