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Balluff, Inc.

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Balluff is one of the leading providers of high-quality sensor, identification, network & software solutions for integrated systems for your automation needs.


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8125 Holton Drive Florence, KY 41042 USA
Phone: 800-543-8390
Fax: 859-727-4823

More Information

Sensing, Networking, and Identification for Industrial Automation
Balluff, Inc. is one of the world’s leading sensor manufacturers, providing innovative and practical sensing solutions for a wide range of applications and industries. Balluff specializes in delivering dependable, rugged products for industrial sensing, networking, and ID to help prevent downtime and eliminate errors.

Balluff adds value to automated systems by offering a wide range of enabling technologies that unlock hidden productivity potential. As a global leader in sensors, linear transducers and RFID, we have been in the forefront of seamless networking all the way down to the sensor level.

Rugged Industrial Products
The hardware is designed with your worst manufacturing environment in mind
Balluff products are installed successfully where others have failed
Real world applications drive our innovation, like our BunkerProx® technology for automated welding customers

Reliable Products and Support
Software and firmware are thoroughly tested in Germany and North America
Products are designed with data reliability as a priority
A well-educated and technical support staff and network is available 24/7

Complete System and Component Supplier
For industrial I/O products outside of the controls cabinet
Industrial networks, identification, sensors, power supplies, and measurement products
Managed inventory in 4 locations in North America and global product availability

Unique Capabilities
SmartLevel® product allows for error-free fluid level detection
Linear measurement devices fit for every application
Leading the development and installation of IO-Link expanded network architecture of I/O products