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Interested in covering news in the control and automation field? Control Automation is looking for journalists to join our team. Our freelance news writers research and report on emerging stories to keep the Control Automation audience informed on the state of the industry.

Our ideal writers have either a background in engineering and a love of writing OR a background in journalism and a love of control or automation-related topics. The Control Automation readers are highly technically inclined so we need writers up to the challenge of writing for an audience of engineers!

News on Control Automation covers a broad range of topics, including:
  • Developments in control systems, industrial automation, robotics, manufacturing, the IIoT, etc.

  • Interviews with prominent engineers and automation professionals

  • Reports on new products, industry trends, technologies, applications, and more

  • Research and the future of automation across multiple industries

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“Control Automation is dedicated to teaching how to use control system technologies, as well as why they exist, and how they actually work. Our community is always seeking new and experienced professionals with a passion for teaching, and in turn, we provide support to craft your writing and give you a platform to share your knowledge with the world. Become a part of building a better future!" —DAVID PETERSON, DIRECTOR OF ENGINEERING, CONTROL AUTOMATION
“There has probably never been a more exciting time to be part of the field of controls and automation. If you are passionate about sharing your knowledge in control systems, robotics, industrial automation, and more, we would love to hear from you. Whether that is writing detailed technical articles or reporting on the latest industry news, we can help you create content that reaches and teaches around the world every day.” —DALE WILSON, DIRECTOR OF ENGINEERING

Industry Article Partnerships is one of the largest control and automation communities in the world. We are always looking for articles that cater to young professional engineers, though we occasionally accept beginner’s articles, you may assume that your audience will be bright, experienced, and informed; as such, your writing will be highly scrutinized.

Writer Benefits

We are especially interested in Industry Articles taking a stand, exploring an industry-relevant trend, offering a controversial opinion with facts and links to back it up, providing a compelling and unique review, or giving an insider’s view on some facet of the control and automation industry.

Our community is more interested in informative articles than promotional content. Describing technical details, processes, and applications is much more useful and informative for our readers.

Our site is independent and we maintain that independence by rejecting proposals for marketing-focused pieces or press releases.

Industry Article Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in submitting a relevant and engaging article to our site, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Industry Articles must be unique content unpublished anywhere else online.

  • Industry Articles must be 800+ words.

  • We encourage you to write about your field of expertise, issues related to the control/automation profession, technical education, and topics of general interest to engineers. Anything you write should center around your field of expertise.

  • If you write about your company's specific products or services, do not use overtly promotional language.

  • Use an independent voice that adds to the overall tone of our site. Humor is welcomed. Slang is discouraged.

  • Include images, tables, charts, diagrams, etc. that illustrate your topic. Any visual aids you supply cannot be copyrighted material from a third party.

  • Prior to publication, Industry Articles must adhere to the same quality checking process as all Control content. This includes a review of the topic, editing, and optimization of titles and headers.

  • We ask you to monitor the Control website and reply to comments made on your article. Your comments are your own, posted by you, and will not be reviewed or copyedited.

Company contributions are unpaid, but highly visible and an excellent way to introduce yourself to our audience. Interested? Pitch your article to [email protected]. In your pitch, please include your company affiliations, an abstract explaining your topic idea, and a bio (example bio).

Please note that not all articles submitted to us will be approved for publication.


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