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Every year Banner releases hundreds of new products for industrial automation, helping customers increase efficiency, reduce costs, ensure quality, monitor and control processes and safeguard employees.


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9714 Tenth Avenue North Minneapolis, MN 55441 USA
Phone: 1-888-3-SENSOR
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Beyond the Edge of IIoT: From Sensors to Solutions

Banner Engineering is a global leader in the field of industrial automation. Banner's sensors and vision, LED lights and indicators, wireless and safety products are used by companies worldwide, from industry leaders in the Fortune 500 to innovators just entering the market.

Banner is committed to constant improvement and continuous innovation. Each day, the company finds new and better ways to meet the challenges customers face today, tomorrow, and into the future. Banner’s staff solves problems for companies in a diverse range of industries and works closely with customers and partners to provide smart, easy-to-use products and solutions that perform at the highest level.

Innovations for the Data-Driven Factory – Sensors have long been the eyes of the factory, but now the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) allows businesses to leverage sensor data in more meaningful ways. From enabling predictive maintenance to providing data for OEE calculations, Banner provides smart solutions that help businesses make better, data-driven decisions.

Smart Sensors for Every Challenge – Problem-solving sensors from Banner save time and reduce costs by reliably detecting the most challenging targets, including clear, reflective, and multicolored objects. Banner’s smart, powerful sensors allow manufacturers to solve more applications with fewer devices, reducing inventory and maintenance costs. In addition, IO-Link sensors help reduce unplanned downtime thanks to remote configuration and monitoring, advanced diagnostics, and auto-device replacement.

Intuitive Safety – Banner combines easy-to-use safety devices with LED indicators to make managing complex safety systems easier and more visual. From easy-align light curtains to drag-and-drop safety controller software, safety solutions from Banner can be commissioned quickly and help you comply with safety regulations while maintaining productivity.

Quality Without Compromise – Improve quality control and productivity with flexible solutions that meet your application requirements. Banner’s broad range of solutions includes sensors and vision for automated error-proofing; bright, even illumination for visual inspections; and LED indicators that ensure operator and assembler accuracy.

Companies all around the world use Banner's award-winning products and solutions to increase efficiency, reduce costs, safeguard equipment and protect personnel. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Banner has offices, production facilities, and field representatives throughout North and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe.

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