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With the Power of One controls philosophy from Beckhoff (one PC-based controller, one software platform, and one network), leading manufacturers and machine builders can make great strides toward establishing meaningful Industrie 4.0 practices while ensuring lean automation.


Years In Business: 37+
Number of Employees: 3350+
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13130 Dakota Ave Savage, MN 55378 USA
Phone: 9528900000
Fax: 9528902888

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System-Integrated Solutions for Automation and IoT

Beckhoff Automation is a global provider of open automation systems based on advanced PC Control technology. The “New Automation Technology” philosophy at Beckhoff represents universal and open automation solutions used in a wide spectrum of high-tech applications around the world. These applications range from control of machines and robots used in manufacturing, to Internet of Things (IoT) systems, intelligent building automation and much more. The world headquarters of Beckhoff Automation is in Verl, Germany while the US headquarters is in Savage, Minn. (Minneapolis area).

The comprehensive Beckhoff system architecture for machine and plant automation promotes control hardware consolidation by advancing powerful PC-based control technology. This approach takes the best from automation technology (AT) and IT, making the most powerful tools available to engineering teams in one universal environment. All the benefits from the early days of this effort remain from the integration of PLC, motion control and HMI, while adding other high-value functions for robotics, safety, high-end measurement, condition monitoring, and of course, cloud connectivity and IoT.

Beckhoff has machine builders and manufacturers covered whether they need to gather and store process data in the cloud, integrate condition monitoring or implement track-and-trace functions in machinery. With TwinCAT IoT and TwinCAT Analytics software, machines directly benefit from Industrie 4.0 and IoT functionality. Engineering efficiency is greatly increased because the software packages share the same universal platform as all other machine programming tools from Beckhoff.

Another significant innovation from Beckhoff is EtherCAT P technology. With EtherCAT P, Beckhoff unites EtherCAT communication and power supply in a standard, 4-wire Ethernet cable. Innovative, space-saving One Cable Automation technology integrates the 24 V DC supply of the EtherCAT P slaves with the signals and data from connected sensors and actuators.