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Bodine offers over 1,200 standard stock fractional horsepower (FHP) gearmotors, motors and motion controls (fixed and variable speed AC, brushless DC, and permanent magnet DC).


Years In Business: 113
Number of Employees: N/A
Geographical sales distribution: N/A
Sales Channel: Direct, Distributors


201 Northfield Road Northfield, IL 60093 United States
Phone: 773-478-3515
Fax: 773-478-3232

More Information

With over 1,200 standard fractional horsepower gearmotors, motors, and speed controls in stock, we’ve probably already designed the drive system you’re looking for. Fixed- and variable-speed AC, permanent magnet and brushless DC models are available.

For custom solutions, please contact our regional sales managers or an application engineer in our customer service team.

Typical Applications
Factory automation, medical and laboratory equipment, labeling and packaging machines, low-voltage, solar powered and battery operated equipment, AGVs and conveyor systems.

New Planetary Gearmotors
Bodine’s new high-performance 24A-60P PMDC gearmotor is ideal for applications that require higher torque than similarly sized helical/spur gearheads can provide, and where very low backlash is not required. Standard models feature gear ratios from 4:1-162:1, and 90/130V, 24V and 12V windings. Rated torque ranges from 4.6 lb-in (0.5 Nm) to 226 lb-in (26 Nm). The 24A-60P gearmotor meets IP-66 protection against ingress of liquid or particles. Metric and US/Inch models are available.

Large selection of Hollow Shaft Gearmotors
Bodine hollow shaft gearmotors are ideal for applications that require versatile mounting options in tight spaces. Easier to mount and maintain than regular right-angle gearmotors, hollow-shaft gearmotors can eliminate the need for shaft couplings, sprockets and drive chains. Accessories such as stainless steel shafts, mounting flanges and shaft cover kits are now available. Typical uses include conveyor systems, packaging and medical equipment and industrial automation solutions. Available in AC, PMDC or BLDC configurations.

230/460 VAC Inverter Duty Gearmotors
Variable speed 3-phase gearmotors and motors offer high efficiency, high torque and zeromaintenance. Our dual-voltage models are ideal for factory environments that demand either 230 VAC or 460 VAC drive systems. Stock and custom gearmotors from 1/4 to 3/4 HP (560W), up to 1000lb-in (113Nm) and gear ratios from 4:1 to 3600:1.