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About Us

Building your tomorrow today.


Years In Business: 125+
Number of Employees: 40,000+
Geographical sales distribution: Global
Sales Channel: Distributor


Phone: N/A
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More Information

Doosan—a combined word of “doo (a measuring unit of grains)” and “san (mountain)”—means “little grains of sand that together make a mountain.” Our name reflects our belief that a greater achievement can be made when everyone involved unites.


Throughout its 126-year history, Doosan People have lived by our beliefs and philosophy that we can achieve a greater goal when we join forces. The forthcoming stories about Doosan will be filled with Doosan’s dream of contributing to creating a better future for humanity.


Since opening Korea’s first modern store in 1896, we have changed our business areas to ones that are more closely related to fundamentally contributing to human lives.


In the year that marked our 100th anniversary, we implemented advanced processes and systems and carried out a series of M&A deals to transform the company successfully into a global leader in the infrastructure support business sector.


We compete and thrive both at home and abroad. Doosan’s advanced technologies in power plants, desalination plants, construction machines, etc. help create value for everyone in the world.


We aim to create a world teeming with opportunities so that everyone can fully realize his/her potential. That is what we have in mind when we say we are building your tomorrow today.