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Fabco-Air, Inc.

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Providing automation solutions: Off-the-shelf pneumatic products: or custom specials designed & shipped within 72 hours.


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3716 NE 49th Ave. Gainesville, FL 32609 United States
Phone: 352.373.3578
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Advancing fluid power technology since the 1958 introduction of the Pancake® Air Cylinder.
Fabco-Air is dedicated to providing the most advanced fluid power products available in order to give our customers the competitive edge they need in their field. With manufacturing operations housed in 61,000 sq. ft. in Gainesville, Florida, Fabco’s 24/7 lights-out precision machining centers drive production, assure product quality and enable reliable delivery.

Get to know the people who make Fabco-Air products!
Know our people and you will understand the positive difference that FABCO-AIR products can make in your life. Know that we are the ones who will work tirelessly with you to get the results you want! Of course, we have all the great, off-the-shelf products you use - the highest quality products with proven performance and reliability.

But, when a standard won’t cut it, we’ll put everything we have into prototyping a special product with the EXACT features you need. And we’ll do it for you within 72 hours! Yes, get to know us. We will stand on our heads for you. It’s what we do.

Want to make life a little easier?
Check out the new Fabco INSTANT ON-LINE CONFIGURATOR at fabco-air.com. It’s the fastest, easiest to use and most comprehensive program in the industry. Use it on almost any platform (even your cell phone) to generate all the following deliverables from one location: Part number • Price • Availability • 2D & 3D CAD files • Seal & repair kit part numbers/prices • Accessories, mounting hardware, and attachments • Switches/sensors & more!

It also includes an unprecedented DECONSTRUCTION feature. Simply input a valid Fabco part number to get all relevant information displayed. DECONSTRUCTION can also be used to re-configure a basic part number for engineering editing to feature different mounting, stroke, added options, etc. Fabco-Air solves problems. Let us help!

Fabco-Air solves problems. Let us help!