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MassaSonic® ultrasonic sensors and transducer components deliver reliable and accurate non-contact measurement capability for end users or OEM system integrators. For level & distance monitoring, object detection or factory equipment control. Detect the Difference!


Years In Business: 72
Number of Employees: 50-100
Geographical sales distribution: N/A
Sales Channel: Direct


280 Lincoln Street Hingham, MA 02043 United States
Phone: 781-740-6119
Fax: N/A

More Information

Massa Products Corporation was founded in 1945 by Industry leader and Pioneer, Frank Massa. Over the last seven decades, Massa has produced millions of transducers, sensors, and systems. Massa continues to be a recognized pioneer in the field of electroacoustics and is a major global supplier to OEMs in many recognizable companies. MassaSonic® sensors, systems, and transducers are all recognized for their outstanding accuracy and reliable performance.

Detection Capability:

• Machine & process control, object detection, collision avoidance, level/distance measurement

• Uneven surface pastes, solids or powders, and liquids

• Massasonic echo processing algorithms deliver reliable accuracy

Range of Products:

• Transducer and OEM integrate-able sensor module components and off-the-shelf sensors

• Measurements from 1 in. (25mm) to 20 ft. (6m)

• Adjustable sampling rates from 0.1 Hz to 100 Hz and user-friendly programmability

• Output options include 4-20mA, 0-10V, TTL, RS-485 Modbus

• MassaSonic sensors are IP68, chemical resistant and suitable for operating -40°C to 70°C


MassaSonic sensors and transducers control extrusion dies for film lines operating at more than 300 ft/min, enable collision avoidance systems for vehicles, monitor roll diameter - web breaks and inkwells, and provide reliable tank level monitoring in intrinsically safe and general use environments.

Designs that succeed and customer support that is every bit as reliable as the products. Massa manufacturers in America to deliver unsurpassed value and performance.

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