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Mitsubishi Electric Automation is backed by substantial R&D investment to deliver cutting-edge automation technology solutions. We offer a wide range of automation products, training and support services for industrial and commercial applications.


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500 Corporate Woods Pkwy Vernon Hills, IL 60061 USA
Phone: (847) 478-2100
Fax: (847) 478-0328

More Information

A Global Perspective
Mitsubishi Electric Automation, among the top three automation suppliers globally, offers American manufacturers, system integrators, and OEMs the most advanced and reliable factory automation solutions for improving performance, enhancing quality, and furthering competitiveness.

Understanding customers
Mitsubishi Electric Automation is a major global manufacturer as well as an automation systems supplier. Mitsubishi Electric Automation faces all the same issues of performance, cost, and quality as its customers. Because they are living the reality of manufacturing every day, the people at Mitsubishi Electric Automation understand the energy, performance, and sustainability trends that are shaping manufacturing for decades to come.

Comprehensive Solutions
Mitsubishi Electric Automation is known for its leadership in motion control/servo solutions as well as integrated control platforms. In terms of components, the company is recognized for the innovation, reliability, and performance of its programmable logic controllers, human-machine interface devices, variable frequency drives, computer numerical controls, and robots. Three years ago, Mitsubishi Electric Automation introduced the world’s most advanced and proven solution for unifying the enterprise — [email protected]

Meeting Goals Together
Mitsubishi Electric Automation customers know that the company is dedicated to their success because of the superior technical and logistical support they receive. Every North American manufacturer, system integrator, and OEM looking for a solution for improving performance and reliability while lowering the total cost of ownership will benefit from a supplier/customer relationship with Mitsubishi Electric Automation. Mitsubishi Electric Automation U.S. operations are headquartered in Vernon Hills, Illinois — 30 minutes from O’Hare International Airport. The company’s website is