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OSCO Controls . . . Controlling Complexity With Simple, Safe Control Panels


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408 West Hefner Road Oklahoma City, OK 73114 United States
Phone: 800/919-3224, 405/749-8686
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OSCO Controls . . . Controlling Complexity With Simple, Safe Control Panels

OSCO Controls is your source for custom control panel solutions. Whether you need a simple control panel to control a single process or piece of equipment, or an integrated panel control for multiple processes and advanced programming to automate workfl ows, OSCO can work with you to develop a cost effective solution for your application.


OSCO puts a design emphasis on simple-to-use and safe control panel interfaces for a range of applications from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to custom panels and integrated network control systems.


OSCO specializes in custom design and build of control panels that are integrated with large systems or automated processes. These more advanced or larger-scale applications often require advanced programming or custom enclosure fabrication to safely satisfy application specifications. These applications often integrate multiple pieces of equipment and/or system processes into unifi ed custom control panel solutions. OSCO Controls provides unparalleled quality through its commitment to the design process and understanding what each project actually needs and its precision fabrication, labeling, testing and documenting of every control panel interface project.


Whether you are an OEM that needs simple and consistent custom control panel solutions and control panel interfaces across a line of equipment, or in need of a custom control system to manage multiple tasks, OSCO is ready to discuss all your control system needs. Call OSCO 1-800-919-3224 for a quote or visit or website www.OSCOControls.com to learn more.