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Phoenix Contact

About Us

Phoenix Contact solutions are used wherever processes need to run automatically. This can be in industrial production facilities, in the field of renewable energy, in infrastructure, or for complex device connections. Our products are used wherever power or data flows are connected, distributed, and controlled. Your benefits go beyond the pure function: Our products help our partners to develop sustainable applications with more efficient processes and reduced costs.


Years In Business: 99
Number of Employees: 20,000
Geographical sales distribution: Global
Sales Channel: Vendor Network


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More Information

At Phoenix Contact, our approach is innovative, sustainable, and based on partnership. This applies to how we deal with employees as well as with our customers.

We are also conscious of our social and environmental responsibility and we act accordingly. With the vision of the All Electric Society, we also want to empower our customers to act more sustainably by enabling the comprehensive electrification, networking, and automation of all sectors of the economy and infrastructure with our products and solutions.


We are a family business headquartered in Germany. The Group includes fifteen German and four international companies as well as 55 sales companies all over the world. Internationally, we are present in more than 100 countries.


Phoenix Contact USA, one of the first international subsidiaries, was founded in 1981. Phoenix Contact employs almost 900 people in the U.S., including about 700 at our U.S. headquarters near Harrisburg, Pa. Sales professionals located around the country are backed by a network of authorized, value-added distributors, providing local service throughout the U.S.


Our U.S. headquarters is also home to our manufacturing and distribution centers for the Americas. By bringing production and logistics closer to our customers, we provide shorter lead times, easier on-site reviews, faster response, and increased flexibility to our U.S. customers.