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POSITAL is a leader in the design and manufacture of position and motion sensors, with products that are used in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, packaging, material handling, mobile machinery, energy exploration/production and medical equipment.


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POSITAL Kit Encoders: Precision Position Control on a Budget

POSITAL-FRABA has introduced new kit encoder models that help make it possible to achieve highly accurate and reliable control of machinery with inexpensive stepper motors. These new products feature absolute motor position feedback. For models with multi- turn measurement ranges, the rotation counter is powered by a Wiegand wire system that captures electrical energy from the rotating magnet. No backup batteries are required!


Stepper motors can be an inexpensive alternative to servomotors for positioning machinery in industrial automation applications, However, in their basic form, stepper motors are open-loop devices. If the motor is unable to respond to the control system (e.g. due to unforeseen mechanical resistance), the true position of the machinery will diverge from the position understood by the control system. Control accuracy is lost, with potentially serious consequences.

A solution is to close the control loop by adding a position or motion feedback sensor to the motor. Of course, for this approach to make sense, the stepper motor/feedback sensor combination must be less expensive that an equivalent servomotor. POSITAL has addressed this need by introducing a range of cost-efficient position feedback devices – kit encoders – designed specifically as upgrade accessories for stepper motors.


POSITAL’s motor feedback kit encoders use the same core technology as the company’s well-proven IXARC magnetic rotary encoders. The magnetic measurement technology is tolerant to moisture and dust and capable of withstanding higher levels of shock and vibration loading.

POSITAL kit encoders for stepper motors are easy to install. The mounting footprint matches that of popular incremental encoders from suppliers such as US Digital and Broadcom (Avago). Assembly tolerances are significantly less stringent than for optical encoders, so that these sensors can be installed under normal factory conditions.


Read more about POSITAL: https://www.posital.com/en/products/kit-encoders/kit-encoders.php