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Quantum Devices

About Us

Quantum Devices is a worldwide leader in the incremental encoder industry.


Years In Business: 30+
Number of Employees: 60+
Geographical sales distribution: Global
Sales Channel: Direct and Distribution


PO Box 100, 112 Orbison St. Barneveld, WI 53507
Phone: 608-924-3000
Fax: 608-924-3007

More Information

Quantum Devices is a worldwide leader in the incremental encoder industry.  The company was established in 1989, as an optoelectronics specialty manufacturer.  In 1999, Quantum Devices dedicated themselves to manufacturing optical rotary encoders. Early growth was the result of the development of the industry’s first fundamental read 5000-line count encoder in a highly compact 1.5″ package. With this dedication to design innovations of incremental encoders came a companion commitment to being a vertically integrated manufacturer to help control the quality and supply chain of the majority of their encoders’ components.


Photodiodes are one of these essential components and Quantum Devices separates themselves from their competition with their in-house design and production capabilities. The company has produced its own photodiodes for over three decades in their class 1000 clean room.  They also manufacture their own glass discs in this same clean room, removing an external dependency on a disc manufacturer.  In conjunction with their in-house injection molding, machining equipment and skilled assemblers, Quantum Devices produces high quality USA made encoders that compete in a global marketplace. 


Quantum Devices has developed a full line of incremental optical encoders to fit multiple industries and applications. The company is committed to continue pushing itself in technological innovations and exceeding the expectations of its customers.