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Find out the various ways Schmersal can help you protect machinery operators and maintenance personnel from recognized safety hazards - without compromising productivity. Schmersal: Safe Solutions for your Industry


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Schmersal is an industry leader with over 70 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of machine safety products, industrial switches, position sensors, and control accessories for a wide variety of applications. Our product designs are focused on ways to protect machinery operators and maintenance personnel from recognized hazards in a variety of industries, in compliance with current local and international standards, without compromising productivity. With over 25,000 different products to offer, Schmersal is considered one of the largest machine safety component suppliers in the world.

Schmersal safety product lines include:

  • Keyed Safety Interlock Switches

  • Solenoid Latching Keyed Safety Interlock Switches

  • Electronic Safety Switches and Sensors

  • Non-Contact Coded-Magnet Sensors

  • Emergency Cable-Pull Switches

  • Hinged Safety Interlocks

  • Safety Edges/Bumpers

  • Safety Rated Limit Switches

  • Safety Foot Switches

  • Safety Controllers / PLC

  • Safety Pressure Mats

  • Safety Light Curtains, Grids, and Barriers

  • Emergency Stops and Control Devices


Schmersal safety products feature unique actuating mechanisms that resist bypassing or overriding, positive-break NC contacts, fail-to-safe electrical design, positive-guided relays, and rugged sealed industrial housings - to satisfy the highest levels of assessed risk. All Schmersal safety products are third-party certified to the relevant directives and standards and have UL and CSA recognition and carry the CE mark.

Since 1945 Schmersal has built their reputation as a premier supplier of quality products which has provided the foundation for future innovations. Today, with a global reach, Schmersal supplies and supports multi-national companies with machine safety systems and engineered solutions. Our extensive network of safety engineers located around the world allows us to take a local approach to global support.

Motivated by the vision of a safe working environment and leveraging our vast experience in machine safety systems, Schmersal also offers machine builders and production facilities qualified services related to machine safety in support of our considerable range of safety products and system solutions. Through seminars and training, risk assessments, technical support, consultancy and integration program services we support safety engineers with first-hand specialist knowledge.