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View our factory automation products ranging from OPC/OPC UA Software Suites to gateways, data Exchange modules for automation integrators and end-users as well as chips and stacks for OEMs. Softing also offers a unique line of cable testing and certification products.


Years In Business: 35
Number of Employees: 425
Geographical sales distribution: N/A
Sales Channel: Direct, Distributors


7209 Chapman Highway Knoxville, TN 37920 United States
Phone: (865) 251-5252
Fax: (865) 579-4740

More Information

Softing Inc. is the North American business unit of Softing AG.

Softing AG is a leading global provider of products for Industrial Automation and for Automotive Electronics. For over 35 years, the core business of Softing Industrial Automation has been industrial data communication in the form of chips, stacks, software suites and hardware modules.

Softing's OPC/OPC UA code is the reference software for the OPC Foundation. The company is also a market leader in FOUNDATION fieldbus as well as other fieldbus technologies such as PROFINET and EtherNet/IP. For enterprise level communications, Softing has its OPC/OPC UA software suite, dataFEED OPC, which provides OPC/OPC UA Client and Server connections. The company also has a range of hardware-based OPC UA Server modules. For end-to-end database-to-controller data exchange the company offers both in-chassis and standalone hardware modules in its tManager and echocollect modules.

In addition to communication modules, Softing offers Cable Testing and Network Monitoring tools. For PROFIBUS DP/PA networks the PROFIBUS Tester 5 is the most complete diagnostics solution available. For Ethernet, WireXpert is a cable certifier capable of CAT 5e/6/6A/7/7A and CAT8 testing on both copper and fiber. For online monitoring, TH Link modules offer dedicated hardware for EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP, PROFINET and PROFIBUS and all can be accessed via web browser. The TH Scope software provides additional diagnostics to these monitor modules.

All of these products are available from leading industrial distributors throughout North America.