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Never miss a robot alarm again. Introducing Tend in.view (“intelligent view”), the award-winning smart cloud robotics solution that lets you monitor your plant floor robots from anywhere.


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Robot alarms are a fact of life on the production line. But long response times don't need to be. Tend’s award-winning smart cloud robotics™ platform can ensure you're the first to know when alarms are triggered, and that you have the insight you need to get back online quickly.

Tend in.view™ (“intelligent view”) software lets you remotely monitor your production robots in real time from any location, through a secure, cloud-based application on your smart phone. The solution features automated alert notifications, a live and historical video feed of the robot(s) being monitored, and access to robot logs for remote troubleshooting.

  • Receive alerts from anywhere, as soon as they happen
  • Access complete robot logs and program data
  • Watch live and historical video feeds of the robots affected
  • Proactively monitor robots, jobs and program stats
  • Remotely analyze and troubleshoot issues as they occur

Winner: Robotics Software Company of the Year
Tend was recently recognized by industry analyst firm Frost & Sullivan as the 2017 Entrepreneurial Company of the Year for Industrial Robotics Software in Discrete Industries. In their detailed award report, Frost & Sullivan cited Tend’s market disruption, competitive differentiation, price-performance value and customer ownership experience as among the key criteria used to make the selection.

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