David Peterson Director of Engineering Content David Peterson is the Director of Engineering Content for Control.com. He is a former college professor in the fields of automation, electronics, and robotics, as well as the former co-owner of an automation training company. He has built and served on many advisory boards, economic growth organizations, and partnerships with companies to build workforce development solutions. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a specialty in mechatronics and nanotechnology, with certifications from many major OEMs including FANUC, Rockwell, Solidworks, Microsoft, and more.

The Making of a PLC Expert: Hard Skills and Soft Skills

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At Control.com, our mission is to educate engineers to better engineer the future.

One of the biggest challenges facing forward progress in the field of PLCs and automation is the training and development of the skills required to troubleshoot and solve the most costly downtime failures. Compounding issues of labor shortages, time and budget limitations that inhibit training, and a lack of reliable, consistent training alternatives result in a continuous cycle of simply solving critical failures as they occur, without implementing real, long-lasting solutions.

Learn about some of the top hard and soft skills that can launch your career, no matter whether you are a learner, a teacher, an engineer, or a company attempting to foster an attitude of continuous improvement within your team - we'll discuss some of those top skills as well as methods of putting them to practice on a daily basis.

At the end, we welcome you to share questions and comments about the experiences you have used to build your own skills - in and out of the workplace - to build your career in automation.

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