Shawn Tierney Automation Instructor Shawn began his career in industrial automation working on an Allen-Bradley distributor tech support desk, and spend twenty five years talking to and visiting customers to help them learn to use and troubleshoot PLCs, HMIs, and SCADA products. Then after reaching the 1 million mile mark in 2015, Shawn left the life of a road warrior and started Insights In Automation, where he teaches PLC, HMI, and SCADA products at, and also hosts The Automation Show, Minute, and Podcast which is available on all major platforms.

PLCs of the Past, Present, and Future: Exploring the Evolution of Programmable Controllers

In partnership with The Automation School

In PLCs: Past, Present, and Future, Shawn Tierney takes a look at the evolution of the Programmable Controller and major development milestones, after which he compares some of the next-gen products and features available from today’s top PLC vendors, and what technologies are most likely to play an important role in future generations of Programmable Controllers.

At the conclusion of the presentation, attendees will be invited to join in the discussion and share their own thoughts, opinions, and questions in the live Q&A session.

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